May 22, 2015
Rio Chama Campground is 12 miles from highway US84, on Forest Road 151. From Abiquiu, head north and turn left onto FR151 a mile past Mile Marker 227. If you are, instead, coming from Chama, head south and turn right half a mile past Mile Marker 228. There is a sign on US84 that reads "Monastery of Christ" and an arrow pointing to FR151. Once on FR151, the turn-off to the camp site is on the left, exposed and easy to see.

Staying at the camp ground does not require a fee. There are two toilet stations and nine sturdy picnic tables. Fire rings are also at most camp sites. Most camp sites have access to Rio Chama. Small campers can access the camp site in dry weather.

This meeting is for treasure seekers hunting Forrest Fenn's hidden treasure chest. This is an opportunity for people actively seeking Mr. Fenn's treasure to discuss their past hunts, offer advice to new hunters, brag about the terrible dangers they found themselves in when hunting the treasure, sing of their brave deeds, and boast about how much cleverer they are than everyone else there.
Arrive May 22, 2015, spend the nights of the 22nd and 23rd at the camp site in the Rio Chama Wilderness, and leave on the 24th.
Just show up on Friday or Saturday (whenever you can make it), and find a place to camp. The camp site is "first come, first served:" the site is not likely to be completely occupied, but if it is there is another camp site near-by.
There will be no facilitator for Fennboree 2015. However, Desertphile will handle questions for people who wish to know more about the meeting, including media inquiries.


You will want to bring warm sleeping gear: blankets, pillows, sleeping bag. Also a tent if you don't want to risk being rained upon. Also bring food, water, camp stove, pots, pans, dinner plates, forks, knives, spoons, coffee cups. The picnic tables have benches to sit on, but some people will want to bring their own chairs. Sources of light, such as flash lights and lanterns, are also good to bring. Bring: kitchen matches; gold ingots; treasure maps. If a fire ban is not in effect, some fire wood will be provided. You may also want to bring food to share. Hot cocoa mix is always good to have for people who are not diabetic and/or lactose intolerant; marshmallows to set on fire, if there is no fire ban, is also fun.

Cameras and video recorders are good to bring. There is no cellular telephone access at the camp site. There are trash cans at the camp site, but it is considered polite for people to take their trash home with them if there is a goodly amount of it. Toilet paper is available in the toilet shelters, but it is also good to bring your own.

The Golden Fenn:
Once again there will be a most holy shrine for Golden Fenn to rest his gilded feet upon. The Golden Fenn Shrine will be on display during the entire Fennboree. Consecrated holy offerings suitable for the usual Vietnam-era Air Force fighter pilot may be left here: cans of beer; pin-up girls; whiskey; Lucky Strike cigarettes; LOOK Magazine; etc. Leave anything and everything that might please Golden Fenn and perhaps induce Him to shower down upon you treasure-finding inspiration.
Media Present:
The treasure, and the hunt for the treasure, continues to be of interest to various "media:" movie, magazines, newspapers, TV networks, and the like. If you wish to talk about your experiences hunting for the treasure, you may do so at Fennboree 2015. Every person from the various media organizations have agreed to not interview anyone who declines the request.
Fennboree 2015 Artwork:
You may use the Fennboree 2015 artwork if you have any project you wish to work on before the event. Note that there are no "official Fennboree" items, but I have set up a Cafe Press "store" for some items people might want. The cost of every item is set at Cafe Press's "base rate," with 100% of the sale going to Cafe Press.

  • Poker card layout 825 Wide X 1125 High for Cafe Press's poker cards.

  • Poker card layout 1650 Wide X 2250 High for other uses.

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