Wild Turkey Camp Site, Gallina Canyon Ranch, in the mountains north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. We have a directions page that includes a map on how to get here. We also have a map of the camp site area which shows the features.
This meeting is for treasure seekers hunting Forrest Fenn's hidden treasure chest. This is an opportunity for people actively seeking Mr. Fenn's treasure to discuss their past hunts, offer advice to new hunters, brag about the terrible dangers they found themselves in when hunting the treasure, sing of their brave deeds, and boast about how much cleverer they are than everyone else there.
Arrive May 16, 2014, spend the nights of the 16th and 17th at the comfortable camp site in the New Mexico Wilderness, and leave on the 18th.
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The event is limited to the first 15 adults who commit to attending. To pay for the camp site (which is privately owned), each attendee will need to pay $40 (PayPal is good for this). That will pay for propane to cook on, fire wood for camp fires in the provided "fire bowls," the use of the outdoor kitchen area, use of toilets, pure spring water, showers, propane barbecue, etc. At $40 per person this is a bargain!

There will be a Golden Fenn Shrine set up so that attendees may worship in front of a copy of The Thrill of the Chase (in a golden frame), genuflect piously in front of golden plastic flowers, golden hearts, golden rocks, etc., and be silly.

Fennboree event: The Faux Fenn Treasure Hunt! The clues to the Faux Fenn Treasure Hunt are found HERE! Solve the clues to find the treasure that has been hidden within a mile of the Fennboree camp site.

This is a camp-out. People attending will want to bring tents, rain tarps, sleeping bags, water containers, and the usual camping gear. There is plenty of water to drink and to bathe with. We are currently working on providing hot water for the two showers.

There may even be a free Fennboree medallion for the first dozen or so people to arrive!

There is a free tee-shirt prize for the best name given to the Wild Turkey Camp shower. Also three prizes for the most audacious lie told during Fennboree! Please check out the prizes page.
Your host will be Desertphile.
Sending $40 per adult to me via PayPal will reserve your spot(s). If reservations are full, the PayPal button below will be disabled, and you may send email to me and I will add you to the "waiting list" and notify you if someone cancels their reservation.

Currently is 0 opening available.

Please note that the camp site owners require a signed waiver from every adult who attends.