Fabulous prizes!

Announcing the Fennboree Prizes! There are two categories: the 'Name That Shower' prize (1), and 'A Shameless Unblushing Lie About What Happened To Me When I Searched For The Treasure' prize (3). Desertphile is the sole judge. Ha! Ha!
Win a fabulous free tee-shirt, with the image shown here on the left, printed on the back--- just for offering the best name for the shower at Wild Turkey Camp. Proudly proclaim to the world that you bathe now and then!

The hosts for Fennboree (Gallina Canyon Ranch) have been working tirelessly to get the camp site ready, and that means the two showers have been built. But this shower needs a name: maybe you could think of a clever name, and win this tee-shirt. (We would have asked you all to name the new toilet, but that would have been very.... strange.)


Do you have an amazing story to tell about your treasure-hunting exploits? A story of daring and adventure so improbable, yet true, that uncharitable people might consider the tale to be... embellished a wee bit? If so then you're in luck! New technology, available only at Fennboree, now allows you to tell that story and not incur any negative karmic debt: the Cone Of Karmic Dispensation!

Any fable you might feel compelled to utter about your bravery and cleverness in looking for the Forrest Fenn Treasure, when told near The Cone, will not count against you at The Cosmic Reckoning. And if you tell the tale without shame, as if the events in the mythology really happened to you, you might be awarded one of three fabulous prizes!

Tall Tale Prize Number One

This is a deck of poker cards, with the Fennboree 2014 logo on the back of each card. This prize will be given to someone, during Fennboree, that has told an account about her or his treasure hunting adventures that would make even a New Mexico politician blush in the telling. The story could even be true!

Tall Tale Prize Number Two

This extra-large coffee mug is the prize for telling an extra-large story that sounds extra-true. When people see you drinking from this ceramic mug, they will know that an Improbable But Real True Story came out of your organic mug!* Be the envy of every Fennboree attendee, and every member of the USA Congress--- this mug is the epitome of "I'm Not Sure I Can Believe That Shit" distinction!

* Mug2 1. Informal. a. The human face. See Synonyms at 'face.' b. The area of the human mouth, chin, and jaw. c. A grimace. d. A mug shot.

Tall Tale Prize Number Three

This is a 30-piece jig saw puzzle of The Cone of Karmic Dispensation. After you have assembled a clever story about your treasure-seeking adventures, you can then assemble this puzzle!