Nights of June 22nd. and 23rd., 2018
Due to the fire hazard, the Unites States Forest "Service" has canceled Fennboree 2018, and most recreational use and traffic in New Mexico's forests and some parks.

An alternative meeting has been proposed:


I reserved a meeting room at Hyatt Place, 4320 Cerillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87505

if people want to stay there, they need to call (505) 474-7777 right away. The National Forest at Bernalillo is also open for camping, and there are a lot of less expensive places for people to stay on Cerillos Rd. Forrest is still planning the book signing for Saturday afternoon. I hope to see everyone there. ..

Fennboree 2018 is still alive and well!

Forrest book signing at Collected Works Bookstore is at 11 am. People attending the book signing need to park in the garage across the street: there are restrooms there also--- it is on the corner of Sandoval and San Francisco. One may get coffee and pastries at the Iconic Coffee Bar, but may not to bring in outside food or drinks or memorabilia to be signed. All of Forrest's books will be available to buy and get signed. Some Fennboree attendees plan to go to LaFonda (bar and hotel) afterwards.

"The Fennboree party and Trivia games will be at the Hyatt starting at 5 pm on Friday night. It's pot luck, so bring your favorite food to share, I'm bringing the makings for Frito Pie! "Don't forget the Hat contest at Fennboree for Saturday in the park. Craziest Treasure Hunter Hat wins a Fenn Coin." " -- Connie


The venue and event are family-friendly and accessible by most vehicles. There are RV hookups, campsites, grills, a playground, and a volleyball court. There are also hiking trails nearby. Most camp sites at Hyde Park are "first-come first-served" spaces, and the 8 reservable ones will probably already be taken by the time you see this web page. If you want to camp at Black Canyon Campground, you will wish to reserve your space as soon as possible.

HYDE PARK: Park's web site.
BLACK CANYON CAMPGROUND: Black Canyon web page.

Is camping not your thing? Do you want to soak in a tub at night, after a day hiking the trails? Fennboree will be so close to Santa Fe that you can join in on all the fun and still wake up to room service. There are many hotels near the plaza, and for those on a budget and willing to make a short drive, there are many more economical options in Albuquerque. There are really nice showers at Ft Marcy Park at the bottom of the road to Hyde Park in Santa Fe. Showers cost $3 and the showers open 6:00 AM and close 8:00 PM.

We know that it is a little early to start thinking about Fennboree 2018, but we wanted you to all have plenty of time to talk about and plan for a family trip. We want everyone to have an opportunity to have fun and meet each other.

The only fee is charged by the campgrounds themselves (Hyde Park or Black Canyon Campground). The campsites are $10 per night per vehicle, so if you bring two cars it is $20 per night. One vehicle towing a trailer or an RV towing a car counts as one vehicle. If you want electric hookups at Hyde Park it is a few dollars extra. If you have a New Mexico State Parks pass, your camping is "free" except for electric use. If you only come for the daytime, you will need to purchase a day use pass, which can vary from $4 to $7 per vehicle.

Hyde Memorial State Park, Shelter #3. Elevation is over 8,300 feet (2,529 meters), and the nights will be cool. The camp site is famous world-wide as a camping, hiking, and skiing destination worth visiting, with 50 "developed" camp sites as well as several group camping sites. Some sites have 30-amp electricity connections. Fresh water is on-site.

See the Google Map here.

This meeting is for treasure seekers hunting Forrest Fenn's hidden treasure chest. This is an opportunity for people actively seeking Mr. Fenn's treasure to discuss their past hunts, offer advice to new hunters, brag about the terrible dangers they found themselves in when hunting the treasure, sing of their brave deeds, and boast about how much cleverer they are than everyone else there.
Arrive June 22nd, 2018, spend the nights of the 22nd and 23rd at the park and leave on the 23rd. Folks are welcome to come earlier and stay later if they wish, and if space is still available for them at the park.
Connie W. is the facilitator for Fennboree 2018.


You will want to bring warm sleeping gear: blankets, pillows, sleeping bag. Also a tent if you don't want to risk being rained upon. Also bring food, water, camp stove, pots, pans, dinner plates, forks, knives, spoons, coffee cups. The picnic tables have benches to sit on, but some people will want to bring their own chairs. Sources of light, such as flash lights and lanterns, are also good to bring. Bring: kitchen matches; gold ingots; treasure maps. A fire ban might be in effect. You may also want to bring food to share. Hot cocoa mix is always good to have for people who are not diabetic and/or lactose intolerant; marshmallows to set on fire, if there is no fire ban, is also fun.

Cameras and video recorders are good to bring, but please ask people for permission before taking their pictures.

The Golden Fenn:
Once again there will be a most holy shrine for Golden Fenn to rest his gilded feet upon. The Golden Fenn Shrine will be on display during the entire Fennboree. Consecrated holy offerings suitable for the usual Vietnam-era Air Force fighter pilot may be left here: cans of beer; pin-up girls; whiskey; Lucky Strike cigarettes; LOOK Magazine; etc. Leave anything and everything that might please Golden Fenn and perhaps induce Him to shower down upon you treasure-finding inspiration.
Media Present:
The treasure, and the hunt for the treasure, continues to be of interest to various "media:" movie, magazines, newspapers, TV networks, and the like. If you wish to talk about your experiences hunting for the treasure, you may do so at Fennboree 2018. Every person from the various media organizations have agreed to not interview anyone who declines the request.

Fennboree in the Past:

Year 2014

Year 2015

Year 2016

Year 2017

NO GLASS CONTAINERS are allowed. We can't stress this enough. Alcohol is permitted and you are very welcome to bring your own. Make sure you get cans and not glass bottles.

Second: THERE IS NO CELL SERVICE WITHIN 5 MILES OF THE PAVILION AND CAMPGROUNDS. Seriously, there is no service at all. We have tried multiple devices and carriers, and nothing gets anything close to a signal. In order to get service, you have to drive a few miles towards town. Once you hit the 'holy-cow-how-much-do-these-houses-cost' neighborhood, you might be able to get a signal. By that time, you are two minutes from town.

Third: If you plan to attend the pot luck, we ask that you bring something useful or something to share. We expect this to be the biggest event of the weekend, and we would hate to see people not get lunch. If you are planning on coming, but not eating, we would still appreciate a heads up on how many people you are bringing to the pot luck.

Fourth: For everyone attending the pot luck, but not camping -- there is a $7 per car Day Use fee, charged by New Mexico State Parks. It is only per car, not per person. If you are camping in Hyde Park, then it is already included in your camping fee. But, that doesn't apply for camping at Black Canyon, because Black Canyon is a National Park Service campground. If you are camping at Black Canyon, I recommend a carpool or enjoying the short walk to the pavilion. NOT PAYING THIS FEE WILL RESULT IN A CITATION AND A FINE! So, if you don't pay your $7, the Rangers will come hunt you down in the crowd, cite you, and it will cost you more than the day use fee.

TO PAY THE DAY USE FEE: You must pay at the pay box, located at the entrance to Hyde Park Camp Ground. You must bring EXACT CHANGE, because you stuff the money in an envelope, and then put it in the box. There is no one to give you change.

There is limited parking at Hyde Park. There is only enough room to park about a dozen cars at the pavilion. If you are camping nearby, we highly recommend walking over to the pavilion, rather than driving. There is a moderately sized parking lot at the entrance to Black Canyon, so we can recommend parking there as well.

There has been a much bigger response to Fennboree than we could have ever expected. We look forward to seeing all of you there. If you have a great idea to share, a game you want to run, or something you want to contribute to the event, please email us at and we will make sure you have what you need, if we can.