Faux Fenn Treasure Hunt Poem

This fabulous treasure can be yours if you solve the clues found in the poem below. You will wish to study the FENNBOREE CAMP SITE MAP to solve the clues and win the prize. Just like the "real" poem, most of the work to find the Faux Fenn Treasure must be done on foot.

All Fennboree attendees will receive a print-out of this poem when they arrive. Attendees can start working on the clues now, of course. The person who finds the Navajo Pawn will wish to thank Elizabeth, one of the owners of Gallina Canyon Ranch, for donating the Faux Fenn Treasure.

Faux Fenn Treasure Poem

[1] Begin it where cold waters halt.
[2] Forsake Orion's winter cold, and
[3] Set out towards the House of Bear.
[4] 36.37 is the altitude, not the azimuth.

[5] The six points will stump you
[6] But it won't be for long:
[7] Your effort will be worth the cold [feet].
[8] Visit the home of Little Joe.

[9] Then talk to Adam, or Hoss, or Ben.
[10] Look slowly up.
[11] Tarry scant, just open the chest.
[12] I give you title to the turquoise.

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